Recap and Activities


1. Who accompanies Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse at the novel’s end?

(A) James and Mrs. Ramsay

(B) James and Cam

(C) Minta Doyle and Paul Rayley

(D) James and Lily Briscoe

2.  What does Mr. Ramsay most often want from Mrs. Ramsay and why?

(A) Sympathy; he is full of professional anxiety

(B) Food; he has an enormous appetite and she is a masterful cook

(C) Money; he is lazy and spends lavishly

(D) Advice; he trusts Mrs. Ramsay to guide his career

3.  As the novel begins, how does young James Ramsay occupy himself?

(A) He stares out the window at the lighthouse

(B) He hunts rabbits

(C) He clips pictures from the Army and Navy Stores catalogue

(D) He plays with the skull that hangs on the nursery wall

4. How does Andrew Ramsay die?

(A) He is shot by Jasper

(B) He falls from a train

(C) He catches typhoid fever

(D) He is killed in World War I