Aims and objectives


This learning resource is a presentation of a literature class discussing the life and work of Virginia Woolf in  the context of ModernismThe lesson is intended for a class of advanced English learners and will be mainly centered on communication and acquiring the needed background information for the understanding of the context and work of the writer.


- to help students acquire new information concerning the life and work of writer Virginia Woolf;

- to raise interest in the study of relevant characters;

- to give students practice in the analysis of major characters;

- to create interest in the topic of themes, symbols and motifs for the novel in discusion.


At the end of this lesson, students should be able to acquire a general knowledge concerning the novel 'To The Lighthouse' written byVirginia Woolf, that will enable them to:

- answer questions about the life and work of Virginia Woolf;

- to speak spontaneously about  relevant characters;

- to make a short analysis of a major character;

- to briefly present a theme, a symbol and a motif specific for the novel.