State and Activity Verbs


  1. To read a text and to identify the state verbs and the activity ones.
  2. To read a text and to identify the verbs in the continuous tenses and then complete the rule of state and activity verbs.
  3. To make the difference in meaning for verbs which can both express state and activity.
  4. To try to make difference between Present Continuous and Present Simple, dealing with state and activity verbs.
  5. To produce their own sentences using state and activity verbs.



At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:

  • identify in a given text the state verbs and the activity verbs;
  • say which is the difference between verbs which express states and the ones which express activities;
  • explain the use of state and activity verbs;
  • to write down the simple/ the continuous form of a verb taking into account if it is a state/ activity verb;
  • give their own examples using state/ activity verbs.