Read the paragraph below and fill in a suitable tense, active or passive.

The police  just  (announce)

that the Portnoy's Bank  (rob) yesterday.

Two men  (enter) the bank at 4.30 with guns in their hands.

Customers and bank clerks  (ask) to lie down on the floor

and one of the bank clerks  (make) to fill the robbers' bags with money.

After that the two men  (leave) the bank quickly.

The police officer Jason Gregson says that more than 200,000 pounds  (steal) yesterday,

but nobody  (injure).

Jason Gregson believes that the robbers  (find) soon.

The bank  (close) since yesterday.

Put the verbs into a suitable tense in the passive.

Mary has just arrived home from work. Neil is already there.

MARY:   Hi! I'm back. Sorry I'm late.

NEIL:     Hello. What kept you?

MARY:  I had to use the ring road and I (l)  (stick) in a traffic jam for forty minutes.
NEIL: Why didn't you use the usual route?
MARY:  Because the road (2)  (close) until work on the access road to the new hospital (3)  (complete).

NEIL:     When is it due to (4)  (finish)?

MARY:   Well, the access road (5)  (open) by the Mayor next week, according to the newspaper, and the Health Minister (6) (invite) to open the hospital on the same day, but they don't know yet whether she's definitely coming.

NEIL:     A lot of money (7) (waste) if she doesn't come.

MARY:   Why's that?

NEIL:     Haven't you seen all those rose bushes that (8) (plant) round the hospital?

MARY:   So? They'll be lovely for the patients.

NEIL:     But the patients won't be able to see them, because they're round the entrance, and the wards look out in the other direction. A lot of people protested about it, but all their complaints (9) (ignore) until it was too late.

MARY:   If they had money to spare, it (10) (spend) on facilities for patients, not on making the front look pretty for the Minister.
NEIL:     Absolutely. It's typical of this local council. They (11) (elect) to save money, but they do just the opposite.
MARY:   Perhaps they (12) (throw) out at the next election.

NEIL:   I hope so. Now, are you ready for supper?


by Dragoș-Stelian Olteanu


8th Grade