Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy was a British writer (1840-1928),one of the most famous novelists of the Victorian period. Considered a Victorian realist writer, Hardy examines and criticises the social constraints that are part of the Victorian status.He is the novelist who opposed to the movement from countryside to town because he considered it a loss of value,a loss of tradition.He is the only one who proved that Victorianism meant also feeling and sensibility.

Hardy was a controverset author and he was forbidden initially because of his taboo subjects: sexuality, status of woman.That is why he may be considered an antivictorian novelist.

Hardy’s characters often encounter crossroads, which are symbolic of a point of opportunity and transition. But the hand of fate is an important part of many of Hardy's plots.

His characters continue to fight against the fate.Most of them want to surpass their destinies.They have to chose between detachment and involvement namely, there are some characters who just observe from distance the action and there are characters who chose to struggle.

Thomas Hardy may also be considered both an antivictorian and a modern novelist because of his preoccupation with both the psychological side of his characters and also with the form of the novel.